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Head Shots

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The session

How it works

In today's world, where everything is fast and connected, a professional headshot has become a necessity. Your headshot is the first impression you give to potential partners, employers, and collaborators. It is the first time you engage with others and you have the chance to express yourself and let them know who you are, without saying a word.

The photo should not only show you looking your 'best', but more importantly, it must pass the right message, be it happy, strong, reliable, fun, casual, confident, whatever you want to convey. It is my job as a photographer to work with you and guide you through the appropriate photoshoot for each occasion, or strength you want to express. It is a process.

Our session will start with a 30 minute discussion over the phone about your goals. We will design something that will make your photo stand out visually within the existing population. Options such as clothing choices, colors, makeup, posing, and expressions, will be approached in this conversation.

On the day of the photo shoot,  we will refine the posing and photo styles, based on our previous discussion, to produce some fantastic images. Within 48 hours we will deliver your best photos, fully retouched in a password-protected online gallery.

This gallery is accompanied by an online store where you can buy any prints (or a  variety of products) that suits your needs. The gallery will be fully operational for one full year, in case you decide you need a different headshot with a alternate message later on, without the need to pass through the whole photoshoot again.


Our system

We are the most cost-effective on-location high-end Photography services in Maryland. You cant get this quality for less.

Our pricing system can be found below. We have a base session fee and you can add people, looks, and digital files based on your specific needs.

  • Base Session

  • $130
  • Travel (15 miles ratio)
  • Equipment set up on location
  • 30 min session
  • 1 person
  • 1 look (clothing)
  • 2 High Definition files
  • High End retouching
  • Online Gallery
  • Online store
  • Consultation session
  • Extra Person

  • $70
  • Base session
  • Extra 30 min session
  • 1 extra person
  • 2 HD files
  • High End retouching
  • Extra Look

  • $50
  • Base session
  • Extra 30 min session
  • 1 extra look
  • 2 HD files
  • High End retouching
  • Extra HD file

  • $35
  • Base session
  • 1 extra HD file
  • High End retouching
  • Travel distances longer than 15 miles will be charged separately.
  • Ask us about quantity discounts.
  • Adding people to your photo shoot can save you money. 

(2 people/photoshoot = 30% discount/photo)

(3 people/photoshoot = 40% discount/photo)

(4 people/photoshoot = 55% discount/photo)

Booking process

Let's start

Please fill out the form below and you will immediately receive an email with a customizable quote. After adding as many people, looks, and digital files as you want just hit approve and we will enter into contact to schedule the dates and other details. If you have questions please call us at 301-300-0499

If you do not receive immediately, please check your junk email folder.

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Humberto is a CPP (Certified Professional Photographer) by PPA (Professional Photographers of America)

Check out the video below to understand what that means. Hire a CPP is a no-brainer.